venus et fleur roses and gift warps
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How Hype Well collaborated with Venus Et Fleur to create 8.6M impressions through social media campaigns


Venus Et Fleur is the world’s leading provider in eternity roses, lush blends of floral arrangements, these blends are designed to last 100 years as long as a symbol of the unyielding love between two people. These arrangements are curated by floral design specialists at Venus’s bespoke atelier in New York, each arrangement is chic, classic and comes with a cool contemporary twist. Their signature collections of rose bouquet and boxed arrangements feature metallic, suede, leather, marble, gemstone, glass and heart-shaped creations and designs. 

What We Did


Venus Et Fleur is the leader of eternity rose arrangements. Hype Well took their brand to new heights with transformative experiential social media campaigns that drew the attention of thousands.

What We Did

Hypewell transformed this brand’s presence with experiential social media campaigns and  Hypewell captured the sensation of excitement and love with its campaign which highlighted the boundless discoveries in the journey to a lifetime commitment. 

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Venus Mocks

"Spot the Bus" Giveaway in New York

Venus Et Fleur “Spot the Bus” Giveaway campaign were in New York and Los Angeles. A decorated bus in New York featuring Venus Et Fleur’s decorated bus showcasing Venus Et Fleur’s signature collections.



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venus et fleur roses and gift warps
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