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What is the point of a full-fledged and well-designed website if it doesn’t get any traffic? Google algorithms are constantly changing and so are the users. Users are getting smarter and have changed the way they perform searches. Digital Success provides search engine optimization services to help you boost your rankings in the top search engine results.


Boost your business with top SEO company

The purpose of the SEO Audit is to give an insight to the website, each of the pages, and roadblocks in getting the traffic to the website. It is for clients in who are seeking to improve their organic rankings. The audit usually consists of Technical SEO Audit, On-page Audit, and Off-page Audit, Competitors Analysis etc. The result of a detailed SEO analysis is to arrive at a list of recommendations that can be implemented for improved rankings and organic traffic.

Keyword Research

Our team of SEO experts performs a full-fledged research to shortlist the most effective, popular and relevant industry keywords. The team also analyzes the client’s existing website, if there is one, to see the scope of adding the researched keywords, phrases and popular search terms. Upon identification, the set of keyword and key phrases are used to optimize the website and strengthen the rankings on the search results.


Competitive Analysis

The purpose of the competitive analysis is to research and understand the SEO strategy that is working for competitors and the ones that can be adopted or built upon. Most of the top SEO companies in USA will also provide a keyword research of the competitors as well. Not only is it important to see what’s working for your competitors but what’s not working. Once you know the SEO techniques that are not working for them, you can decide to analyze them and not follow them.

On Page SEO (Optimizing the website)

Digital Success is one of the best SEO firms to provide a complete set of on page SEO services. We are thorough and have the expertise to suggest the most suitable on page SEO optimization techniques that are most suitable to your business.

  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Heading Tags Optimization
  • Site Speed Check & Optimization
  • Responsive Design Check & Optimization Suggestions
  • Google Analytics Setup / Goals Setup
  • Form Testing
  • Schema Feasibility Review and Implementation
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Canonicalization Check
  • Broken Links Check and Fixing