Rise above the bar. Smash the hunger. Give the gift of health.


Simple goal of giving people a quick convenient healthy snack. from real food made for real people.  to change the future by changing what we feed our family today. 

two people holding smashpack


Athletes, ppl on the go, parents (moms), kids and millennial.  All ages. Men likes the sweet taste of the pudding vs the smoothies. The women likes the smoothies. Snack replacement. 

Our Solution

ingredient focus or lack of bad stuff (made with made without). recipe. inspirational/motivation for workouts and healthy lifestyle. ad budget, sales increase.

a girl drinking smashpack


making smash pack a household name. everyday healthy snack. get them into more health space (magazine, stores)  higher protein content. 

1 %
Increase in sales since Feb 5th
1 %
Increase in sales since Feb 5th
1 %
Increase in sales since Feb 5th

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